Zhuang Yongan’s fat white slap in the face dumped the past and printed it on his face, which is naturally very obvious in Wuzhishan.

"Niang? ! How can you hit me? "
Zhuang Yong ‘an was amazed. The old lady in Dazhuang has never hit him since childhood, but today she actually started to hit him. Chapter 487 Uncle 3
"I am playing against you!"
Old Mrs. Zhuang trembled with anger. "How could I raise you? No matter how you mix me up, you will still be kind to your wives and concubines. When your father said you wanted to send your born sons and grandchildren to us, you sent the children directly without saying anything. At that time, I thought you were a sensible person, but today I am all wet!"
The Lord protector of Zhuang came to scold the old lady of Zhuang for being so spoiled. Seeing her career at this time is not only a headache, but also a debt collector!
"Niang! I’m right! I don’t like them. Why not sell them? "
Zhuang Yong’ an did not regret it at all. He confidently refuted the obstinacy and let people not know what to do.
Those wives and concubines in the house are crying into tears, and the howling sounds are far away.
When Tang Luoling and his party came back, they heard the crying in the villa from a distance. She couldn’t help but feel hitched. She looked at Xia Houlian. "How can you come to cry like a funeral?"
Xia Houlian didn’t answer her, a place where she flicker and ran on the rampage and wailed.
He was followed by three figures, but he just crossed several pavilions and went straight to the south yard.
When I saw dozens of women in the south yard, I saw the pig-like figure again. Xia Houlian couldn’t help frowning and strode in to salute their parents. "Grandparents, we are back."
Fortunately, it was not a funeral. It was a relief.
And Tang Luoling cloud fierce day then when the time comes to see in front of the dozens of beautifully dressed beauty is not one leng, which is this?
Zhu Yi said to Tang Luoling directly when he knew about Lord Zhuang’s mansion, "I’ll go back to rest first. If there is anything, just go to the Danfang to find me."
He’s going to Xu Yuanxin’s trio. It’s not appropriate to watch them all farce here.
Tang Luoling saw that he had left before Yunlie went in.
Zhuang Lao’s face turned reddish with anger, and even the old lady Zhuang was so angry that the fat pig-like man next to her looked a little similar to the old lady Zhuang.
What’s not white about Tang Luoling?
I’m afraid this is the famous uncle who is very worried.
"When you come back, it’s good to go back and have a good rest. We can handle things here."
Lord protector Zhuang Lao didn’t want to make Tang Luoling cold, so he urged them to leave.
But I didn’t expect Zhuang Yong ‘an, who was thicker than the wall, to look at Tang Luoling. "You are the pharmacist who refined the holy spirit!"
Tang Luoling picked his eyebrows. This uncle is well-informed and nodded at him. "My uncle is well-informed."
Zhuang Yong ‘an held his head high with a triumphant face. "Of course, and I also know that your third-order holy Guanyin heart auctioned 1.97 million gold. You are the eldest sister’s daughter, so it’s not too much for you to come back this time thanks to Zhuang Guogong’s support. Then you can take out 3 million gold to be filial to me!"
Summer Hou has gathered a smile and a face of yin Li "aren’t you afraid to accept the gold and spend it? Chapter 488 Uncle 4.
"Xia Houlian, what do you mean?"
ZhuangYongAn small eyes staring at the summer HouLian "is that how you talk to my uncle? Believe it or not, I’ll call my second sister now so that she can teach you how to respect your elders! "
"Bah! Are you an elder? Why don’t you ask yourself whether you have respected your elders! "
Summer Hou Lian is not polite to give Zhuang Yongan a face to step on this uncle who doesn’t worry. He would rather have a knife and never worry.
How could he be so depressed if he didn’t worry about the old lady Zhuang?
"Niang! Look at this second sister’s lack of discipline. If you want me to say that second sister should regenerate and take her place! "
Mrs. Zhuang was so angry just now. Now, seeing that Xia Hou has accused her son, she seems to feel a little hard. At this time, she has taken care of Zhuang Yongan. "You have just returned, and your parents are also very worried about you. You’d better go back and give them a peace or reassure them."
The subtext is to make Xia Houlian stop meddling in the affairs of his elders.
Summer Hou Lian finally bowed his hand. "It’s my grandmother, so I’ll take a long leave first."
Hate iron does not produce. Whenever he wants to repair Zhuang Yongan, Mrs. Zhuang always comes out to help. This situation is repeated again and again.
And Zhuang Lao’s Lord protector directly kicked Zhuang Yong ‘an out of Zhuang Guo’s house and passed it by twenty years ago.
Even so, the old lady Zhuang secretly helped Zhuang Yong’ an, and she devoted herself to educating her four grandchildren. Without managing the accounts, she didn’t know the situation of Zhuang Guogong’s house now, but Zhuang Guogong’s wife didn’t know that the old lady Xiaozhuang loved this child very much.
After leaving Tang Luoling in the summer, I also want to leave in a fierce day. After all, this is an elder dispute, and it is really bad for them two juniors to blend here.
"Grandfather Linger is a little tired and wants to go back to rest."
"Go back quickly and have a good rest."
Zhuang Lao frenzy hurriedly waved and didn’t want Tang Luoling to have any of it himself.
ZhuangYongAn stopped Tang Luoling at this time to "and so on! You haven’t given me three million gold! "
"Yongan, come back!"
Old Mrs. Zhuang is furious. How can she ask the younger generation for money? She has lost all her face!
But she has already lost face. Zhuang Yongan is now a joke in Kyoto. How can she be saved even if she sells her wives and concubines?
"Niang! Don’t talk yet. Ask her to give me three million gold and I’ll leave at once. "
Zhuang Yong ‘an stared straight at Tang Luoling as if she were a wealthy empress.
Tang Luoling hooked his lips and gave him an evil smile. "Do you want three million gold?"
"Give it to me quickly!"
Zhuang Yongan can’t wait.
Tang Luoling nodded. "I’ll give it to you, but I have one condition. I’ll give it to you immediately!" "
"What conditions?"
"I want your hands and legs!"
Tang Luoling said his purpose word by word.
ZhuangYongAn become angry from embarrassment "you are crazy! I can never give you my hands and feet! You give me three million gold quickly or I’ll sell you to Flower Lane! "
As soon as he finished speaking, he felt that his mouth was hit by something-the whole person fell upside down on the ground. Chapter 489 Uncle 5
The shooter is Yun Lietian.
His eyes are full of murderous look at this time. "If you dare to hit him, no matter who you are, I will kill you!"
He just directly punched Zhuang Yongan in the mouth, and by the way, his nose also crashed and he let the other side lose six or seven teeth.
Zhuang Yong ‘an lay on his face like a big pig to be slaughtered, and he didn’t move, and he knew how to scream.
The old lady Zhuang saw that her son was treated like this by Yunlie Day for a while. "How can you hit my son on Yunlie Day? You are not qualified to teach my son! "
"The lesson of Mrs. Zhuang’s fierce day is not that of your son, but that of robbing people on the road. If it threatens to shine again, it won’t be enough to drop a few teeth! Good self! "
Say that finish Yunlie day holding Tang Luoling leave.
Zhuang Lao frenzy froze there looking at Yunlie Day, but it was very gratifying to shine with him, and he wouldn’t suffer indignities.
"Sir! Yunlie, how can this look shine? He also wounded Yongan! I don’t agree with Linger to marry him in this marriage! "