Ye Qing’s spirit of wearing headphones suddenly got up, and his arm injury has not affected him to play the game. He must try his best to beat Long Xing’s confidence in this game, and then let Tian Feng try it in the afternoon game. If Tian Feng doesn’t work, he can temporarily replace it. Anyway, the midfielder can be replaced. Just report the substitute name before the game, and the referee can allow the substitution.

Don’t look for foreign aid to fool people in this kind of online competition. Every team must report the id and real name of the team member before the competition, and also give the referee a copy of the contract signed by the team member, so as to determine whether the team member is a substitute or a regular team member.
During the competition, every brain has a camera, and the appearance of every player in the competition is monitored by the referee before the competition. The referee will check the appearance of each player through photocopying photos in the contract, not to say that someone can be replaced.
Without strict supervision system, it is easy for some teams to go to other super teams and invite a powerful foreign aid to help play a game. If there is no money to invite foreign aid teams, they will suffer a dumb loss. It is necessary to establish a strict supervision system to prevent disadvantages
Of course, the function of these cameras is to capture the appearance of the team members, but they can’t record their voices. After all, each team has its own privacy in speaking, just like the boss of the Big Dipper Palace is behind the scenes. Once the voice is recorded, the referee will definitely rule that they are fouled and may be disqualified.
The cameras are all aimed at each player’s face. The boss of the Big Dipper Palace stands behind Du Lingxiao. The cameras can’t even take pictures of him, but they can take pictures of his abdomen, so the referee can accept it. It’s not a foul if that person doesn’t actually participate in the game.
In fact, this kind of second-level league team is willing to spend money to cheat, and the supervision system is rarely added, which eliminates the possibility of cheating. Because Tian Feng has not officially signed a contract with Club I, Ye Qing has to draft a substitute contract to let Tian Feng sign it to deal with a referee’s disqualification. This was done yesterday, otherwise Tian Feng could not participate in the game yesterday afternoon.
Chapter 93 Long Xing’s attack was frustrated
When Long Xing Tian Ouyang Yu and Qing Qing saw that their opponent was Club I, they suddenly felt a cold feeling that the game would be extremely difficult and there was no chance of winning. They had already played against Club I in the regular season, but they did their best to play, but they still lost.
Ye Qing is beyond Ouyang Yu’s imagination, which leads these two people to lose their thoughts of revenge, especially when he was in the I club, he looked down on Ye Qing and Ye Qing quite wrongly, which led them to decide whether to stay or not in the end.
At that time, he lost to Ye Qing. Now Ye Qing has become more powerful, and he is even less confident to defeat Ye Qing. At that time, that kind of arrogance has long been swaying. When you are in a disadvantaged group, you can win enough respect by being a little arrogant, and then you can be a little arrogant. But when you find that you once looked down on people, it has become much stronger than you, making you feel desperate and invincible, can you still be arrogant?
Those who have the ability are qualified to be arrogant and losers are not qualified to be arrogant. Now they can look up to Ye Qing, who has reached a height of his roots and reached the peak.
Ouyang Yu is also a self-described genius at the beginning. After all, he won the title of Gun King. The sense of superiority was distributed from the outside in Julong Internet Cafe. He was arrogant to the extreme. He looked down on those players in the Internet Cafe and even insulted the former Julong Internet Cafe ak Gun God. Finally, he was defeated by Ye Qing.
At that time, Ye Qing was not as strong as it is now, and all aspects were immature, but he still narrowly defeated Ouyang Yu. Of course, Ouyang Yu has underestimated the enemy, but Ye Qing’s talent is also not ignored. The growth rate of Ye Qing is simply staggering. Ouyang Yu has been practicing hard, hoping to fight with Ye Qing again one day and save his face, but Ye Qing has left him far behind. He doesn’t even have the motivation to catch up because the gap is too big.
In the regular season, Long Xing lost to two teams, namely Club I and Big Dipper Palace, and they had to advance to the playoffs. Team Arqie was eliminated directly in the regular season, and Team Lin Qiuye barely made it to the playoffs, but the situation was as bad as it was, and he lost first.
After the game, Ye Qing woke up the players. Don’t be careless. Long Xing Day, this team is not so easy to deal with Ouyang Yu. Don’t say it. After all, Ye Qing’s marksmanship, which is called crazy ak, is still very good. Although Ye Qing can completely suppress him, other players are not necessarily.
After hard training, you want to fight Ye Qing, but it’s still a long way to go. But it’s a tie with Zhao Xiayang and others. It’s not a problem. Long Xing snipers should play well with Thomas, depending on who plays well. The strength gap between the two teams is not too big
When Ouyang Yu signed the contract in Long Xing, he promised to change the team’s situation and let the team regain its glory. But now he seems to have failed to do so, and there are more and more questions from the top management of the team. He is under considerable pressure. This time, he is full of ambitions to participate in fdl, and at worst, he will take a runner-up
Who knew that he was so unlucky that he not only met the I club in this league, but also suddenly appeared a super big dipper palace, which he didn’t even have a chance to be the second child, but the top three rankings also sounded very good. Being a third place should be a relief for the top team.
We also know that the other team members are not very good at the present situation of the team, and the top team members don’t want to spend a lot of money to sign. The key point is that it is too difficult to sign now. Almost all the strong teams have tied their team members’ contracts to death, and you can’t dig anyone with money.
If Ouyang Yu is forced to leave Long Xingtian, then this team that has achieved brilliant achievements will once again decline to kill. A person does not have the strength to support the team. He is also worried about Ouyang Yu and wants to help Ouyang Yu stabilize the top.
Long Xing’s chance of signing is hopeful in this draft. Then we will see if there will be more outstanding players coming out. If those super teams are not short of manpower, they can still pick up a leak and maybe choose one or two players with good potential.
Half-time is Long Xing’s day. When The Infiltrator Ouyang Yu is very cautious, they must build an advantage at half-time, or they will die at half-time. He and the two men discussed a decision to attack point B.
The map is an eagle eye in blasting mode. In fact, the defensive side is more favorable, and the terrain is very conducive to defending the offensive side. Especially, point A has boxes to be used as bunkers and houses to be used as bunkers. Two machine gunners with a sniper can keep point A impregnable. Of course, it also depends on the personal ability of the defensive side. It does not mean that any three such configurations can be prevented.
Because point A is better than point A, Ye Qing did not arrange three people to defend, and two people were arranged. In the past, Thomas and Pearl Krabs did not ignore this point in the middle of the road, but let Zhao Xiayang watch him and Nalan defend at point B.
Big honey sat on the sofa and didn’t watch the game, but chatted with Su Yanbing on her mobile phone. She also received a WeChat from Li Zhihao before, but when she did say that she wouldn’t have anything to do with Li Zhihao again, Li Zhihao never sent her a message again. From this point of view, Li Zhihao is really a gentleman, and even if he deals with Ye Qing, he doesn’t use despicable means, but directly buys a team to fight Ye Qing.
Honey gradually forgot Li Zhihao. She knew Li Zhihao very well. She knew that that guy wouldn’t play any conspiracy even if he was unhappy. She couldn’t hurt Ye Qingyou. She wasn’t worried at all that Su Yanbing needed something that day after she finished counting the store yesterday. Today, she started to prepare. She is a very organized person. Everything is in good order.
She set up a coffee shop alone when she didn’t have a relationship with Dami before, which shows that her ability is very strong. After arranging everything, Su Yanbing is also free to come to the branch. It is necessary to wait until the date of selection, so just have a ceremony. What should be done on that day? Dami and Su Yanbing have also discussed and made a detailed planning case, and invited a studio director to make specific arrangements.
At this time, honey and Su Yanbing talked about women’s topics, and they didn’t talk about Ye Qing honey, and they didn’t tell Su Yanbing what happened last night. Not only were they embarrassed, but they also told Su Yanbing that they were a little deliberately showing off. Honey didn’t want to affect them.
Ye Qing at this time with the team people have finished the first round with Long Xing Day. Although the troops in the Dragon Sky attacked Point B, Ye Qing and Na Lan resisted each other’s attack. At the same time, Zhao Xiayang quickly rushed to the middle door of the three people to fire some fire. Too many people were too dense, but the wind roots did not dare to rush out and rely on the bunker to harass.
In this way, Ouyang Yu quickly took the plan B and went bankrupt. Now if they continue to attack, they are likely to be outflanked by the other point A. Ouyang Yu made a decisive decision to retreat. Both sides played a more conservative position. Although some people were consumed with a lot of blood, they did not appear to be killed.
Five people generally receded and Ye Qing directly chased him with Na Lan and Zhao Xiayang. Obviously, they didn’t expect that they would chase him. They all ran all the way to point A with their backs to this direction. As a result, Ye Qing made a surprise attack from behind and lost two people.
At point A, Pearl Krabs and Thomas also rushed to the front of Avenue A from point A, and Thomas frame was intercepted just to see the other side rushing here and rudely shot and knocked down the other side. Pearl Krabs also caught fire and beat the other side with two people desperate to run in the middle.
Although the two men saved their lives for the time being, they were outnumbered by five people in the I club. Finally, they killed Long Xing and lost the first round in this way. Ouyang Yu reflected on his own tactics and felt that there were too many problems and he was not considerate.
He rearranged his own thoughts and then recalled the defensive arrangement of the other side. If he didn’t guess wrong, he rushed to Zhao Xiayang to defend in the middle. Only in this way can he quickly rescue point B.
If you attack point A, the man in the middle door can also quickly rush to form a three-man defense, and the terrain at point A is more favorable for defense, and it is difficult for a sniper to attack Ouyang Yu. I think the defense in the middle door of the other side is the weakest, so that the flash bomb can quickly attack in and then the middle force can take a point first.
Ye Qing’s defensive formation has hardly changed, but it is still arranged as in the first round. However, he expected that the other person would not attack Suosuo again after suffering losses at point B. Both he and Nalan focused on the middle door and rushed to reinforce it as soon as it was attacked.
Zhao Xiayang, the middle gate, is also extremely energetic. He dare not be careless at all. He is on the stone staircase in the middle gate. If the other party throws a flash in, he can still have a place to hide. If he is on the stone staircase, he can avoid it.
Chapter 939 There is no retreat to fight
Although Long Xing knew that they would definitely lose in the end, they didn’t give up the game. Ouyang Yu played exceptionally tenaciously under the leadership of Ouyang Yu. This time, there was no way out. He got a third place in fdl less, otherwise he would probably be angry with the club’s top management and then get rid of him.