The female university drank a purple Yan towards the door, and at the moment I didn’t know whether to go in or escape. Just as I was about to escape, a red figure suddenly appeared in front of me.

"Who are you?" Zhang Ziyan got into trouble again this time, and it’s just a shuffle when couples spend time.
As soon as Zhang Ziyan got back to the house, she hurried to the room. She knew that her father always liked it here and thought that things must be right here.
I didn’t expect that as soon as I got back, I heard someone’s beautiful magnetic sound inside, which aroused her curiosity. I couldn’t help eavesdropping outside. Zhang Ziyan didn’t see Yan Niang at all, but her appearance startled her.
But Zhang Ziyan soon remembered the situation at the door of the Prime Minister’s Mansion that day, and a fire suddenly burned in my heart. Isn’t she the woman who kept asking to see her dad? How dare you find the door!
"Who am I? Haven’t we met?" Yan Niang looked at her with a lock of hair on her chest.
Looking at Zhang Ziyan’s frozen red tip, the tip of his nose reminds me of the fried Mao Xiaotu, which really can’t be compared with that Su Shiyuan.
Yan Niang gave her a contemptuous look. Prime Minister Zhang and Qi Ying also found the quarrel and hurried towards the outside.
Prime Minister Zhang, fearing that his daughter would suffer, quickly stopped her. "This is my daughter. She is too young to understand anything."
Qi Ying snorted and then laughed. Zhang Ziyan looked at the boy at the side of his head, but it was better than the words in the report.
"What all don’t understand? What all don’t understand also know and princess rivalry "Qi Ying suddenly export prime minister zhang face suddenly become very ugly.
Yan Niang hid her face and smiled, which also spoke her mind.
Zhang Ziyan just admired his beauty. I didn’t expect this guy to be a poisonous tongue.
"It was that woman who robbed my man. She came from behind!" The so-called born calf is not afraid of tigers. Qi Ying has seen that even her father can’t talk to herself like this. This seemingly small girl dares.
Qi Ying smile did not fold up slightly blue thoughtfully.
"What a glib tongue!" Yan Niang leaned over to her and stretched out her hand to stir up Zhang Ziyan Ba Zhang Ziyan. She snorted and struck her hand.
"comparatively, it turns out that you are the one who hates the princess most." Qi Ying smiled and Zhang ziyan leng leng.
Just now, she listened to all the conversations outside and inside. This man wants his father to harm that Qin woman. Then who is he?
Zhang Ziyan didn’t speak there, but her eyes kept staring at Qi Ying.
"You must be curious about the identity of the king, right?" Qi Ying seems to have scored her mind and asked directly.
Zhang Ziyan still gently nodded behind his father.
"The king’s name is Qi Ying, the Regent of Qi State and now the Regent of Qin State." Qi Ying explained that Zhang Ziyan was really shocked after listening to this name. She had heard that he was a murderous demon before, but would it really be good to be with him?
"I’ve heard of other things, I don’t know, but I know you must hate Su Shiyuan more than I do." Zhang Ziyan came out from behind her father and saw her daughter’s behavior. Zhang Lu was almost crazy.
Prime Minister Zhang hurriedly stretched out his hand to catch her, but Zhang Ziyan didn’t want to flinch.
He is now highly toxic. If he implicates his precious daughter again, then this family is not going to break up.
"It’s really smart! Since you hate her too, let’s join hands. What do you want is clear to Wang? I want you to know. "Qi Ying looked at Yan Niang and then turned his attention to Zhang Ziyan.
Zhang Ziyan is in a mess at this time, and it looks a bit funny to wear a thick coat outside.
"If you want it, it’s either her life or her death. My dad doesn’t want to do it. I can do it. Give my dad the antidote. I’m willing to join hands with you to deal with her."
Zhang Ziyan thought about it and felt happy, but there was never such a person around her to help herself. They were all soft, weak and helpless maids, and she was afraid that those smelly girls would tell her things. None of them were right!
"good! This is the antidote for you to get things done properly. The benefits in the future will naturally be without you. "Qi Ying saw that her attitude was firm and generous, and she took out an antidote from the bosom and handed it to Zhang Ziyan. Chapter 178 Stay and practice.
Yan Niang held her arm behind Qi Ying, and the lip angle evoked the look of two beautiful cheeks full of success.
Zhang Ziyan stretched out her hand and took the antidote. Only now did she know that the woman who looked very coquettish was with this Qi Ying gang, but it was not what she thought before, but it was not wrong. She did hit her dad’s idea!