At the team panel, I saw that the team was almost full. Zuo Tangtang suddenly remembered that he had just said a group … to be continued.

[15] Chapter 160 Worried about chaos]
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew you … What are you doing?
[Nearby] I am confused/Don’t you see it?
[Nearby] I want your revenge!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew this … this …
Zuo Tangtang can’t speak in an instant, which is too exciting, and what happened to her? Have you finished? Did you just set up a group of people to kill the robbers after being robbed?
Oh, my god This is too ridiculous!
We have to stop it quickly! Zuo Tangtang likes to join in the fun at ordinary times, but she doesn’t like being the focus of the fun or being busy because of herself.
But Zuo Tangtang hasn’t come to speak on the gang channel yet. Just playing soy sauce in the team, all the people saw the news that "the pig’s trotters are stewed and joined the team". At this time, they don’t fight or bicker, and they send Zuo Tangtang the most cordial and considerate greetings on the team channel.
[Team] Soft soft candy can be * */hoof ~ Just now, I was worried and scared ~
[Team] Panda Cowboy Tiger Touch/Nothing, nothing ~
[Team] Beat the peas cat. Yes ~ We are here ~ Don’t be afraid of being bullied ~
[Team] A sunflower is right ~ Let’s beat them and let them know that they dare to bully our sister farm!
[Team] Deputy Wang/North Bird’s lords, can we stop talking first ~ can we stop talking about this ~
[Team] Xiao Apple is all in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu!
[Team] Xiao Apple is all in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu!
[Team] Red, red, red, hawthorn leader, have we been robbing darts at that point?
[Team] Do you want to change places halfway?
[Team] Xiao Apple is not at that point.
[Team] Please report the coordinates of the head of the round pie, which is so direct.
[Team] Xiao Pingguo, well, this will do.
[Team] Xiao Apple
Tong Qing Wan Li left the team
[Colonel] Xiao Apple, how did this man get away?
[Colonel] Playing Doudou Cat Er … I guess I changed my mind temporarily.
[Team] Round pie giggle/Yeah, yeah, there are always people like that …
[Colonel] The most annoying thing about turtles humming in the water is this stupidity! There is no discipline at all!
[Team] Red, red, red hawthorn is not even a wild group! This person is not enough.
[Team] Xiao Apple is upset/OK, OK, don’t even say I’m shouting in the scene.
It’s a relief to see such a situation. Tell me about that sunny day! Although they also know that being so neat is quite handsome, but! Can you think about the impact when you do things?
Hum! Fortunately, they are witty Sao years! Otherwise, someone will definitely doubt it! After all, it is not a spy to quit the team immediately after reporting the coordinates. They think it is impossible when they think about it!
However, they didn’t dare to spit words and sunny Wan Li said, after all, alas, they still couldn’t beat it … The thought of such a bad thing as playing peas and cats and pie had to say a few words of "simple mind" in their hearts before giving up.
[Gang] Sunny Wan Li coordinates
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew pseudo-mothers ~
[Guild] Fine Wan Li Tiger Touch/Hoof Hoof ~ I haven’t seen you for a long time recently ~
[Gang] The pig’s trotters are stewed pitifully/yes! Long time no see! I miss you so much!
Originally, I wanted to be fake and praised as sunny as Wan Li’s efficiency. When I saw this news, my keyboard hands immediately took it back.
Put in a good word for this bastard? Hum! Disdain soy sauce, even if sunny Wan Li beats them, they will never lower their noble heads, okay!
However, when the soy sauce makers once again reviewed the news with a firm look, they suddenly burst into tears! What! What kind of sister would say such a thing about this violence! Hooked up by Mu Yun’s idle cargo, even if it’s sunny, Wan Li can get MengMeng’s own younger sister!
Ow! Ow! It hurts too much to put your hand over your heart. The soy sauce players are hiding their faces and saying that if the two of them go like this again, they will definitely drop the gang channel in minutes!
[World] Xiao Apple Chengdu Robbery Dart Brush Evil Point I Join the Group++++++
[World] Xiao Apple wants blood! Want passion! Point me into the group!
[Nearby] Potatoes are not sliced. It seems that you really don’t give up! I cann’t believe it’s called again
[Nearby] Cool, cool, cool, hehe, it’s people who want to join the group themselves. I really don’t know what it’s like to dislike you. What are you jealous of there? You can’t beat your guilty conscience ~
[Nearby] Danarcissus is another lackey of Xiao Apple!
[Nearby] Cool, cool, cool, cool, what did you say! Say it again!
[Nearby] Banlangen in the mountain. No, the brother repeated it.
[Nearby] Banlangen in the mountains is not a dog problem!